12.08.15 - Who's Minding the Kids on Race Day?

Kalinski says on-site child care has been a long time in coming. “I strongly believe this is the next big thing at races,” she says. 

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06.01.2017 - The Same 24 Hours Podcast, Episode #20

Bring the Kidz! That’s right. Michelle Kalinski is making it easier on parents to accomplish their goals and dreams by providing childcare at races 

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06.05.2017 - BRingthekidz at the Colorado tri

”My daughter Amy had a great time at the BringtheKidz camp during the Colorado Tri. She told me she loved making craft projects, and I loved seeing her smiling face at the swim exit. It was a great day for both mom and kid!”

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04.19.2016 - A Running Start: Race Day Child Care Made Easy

A Boulder mom and budding entrepreneur makes it possible for parents to enjoy running races and triathlons by providing on-site child care at races for the first time.

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03.27.2017 - Triathlon season? Bring the kids!

BRINGtheKidz is blazing the trail for child care at YOUR next event!

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10.11.2016 - Women Run the World: BRINGtheKIDZ Founder Michelle Duvall Kalinski Speaks at Skirt Sports in Boulder, CO

11.18.15 - A Parent's Savior: Race Day Child Care

Michelle sees these services as win-win: parents have time before and after their runs to focus on the race, and kids have fun activities in a safe environment, providing them an experience to look forward to on race day, too.

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