"​Active games" may include favorites such as bean bag toss, bowling, tag, musical chairs, red light-green light, charades, balloon games etc. Our talented staff also sometimes does juggling lessons, dance parties, yoga time, and more!

"Activities" may include puzzles, scavenger hunts, games like Jenga or Pictionary, drawing/coloring, paper airplane tournaments, building structures with various materials, etc. 

"Craft projects" are designed based on the children's ages, abilities and interests. We've made awards for parents, suncatchers, egg carton spiders at Halloween, jingle bell ornaments at Christmas, decorated cow bells for cheering on athletes...

Note: ​​This schedule is just to give you an idea of how the morning will be organized. The exact agenda will depend on the length of the race, start times, and the children's interests. Drinking water and bathroom facilities will be available for the duration of the morning. 

Sample Schedule

(based on an 8am start time for a 10k run or a sprint triathlon)

7:00 - Check in with PRKids Staff, get started on a craft project

7:30 - Active game (1)

7:45 - Activity(1)

8:00 - Craft project

​8:15 - Active game(2)

8:30 - Activity(2)

​8:45 - Snack time

9:00 - Active game(3)

9:15 - Activity(3)

9:30 - Cheering for race finishers​, Child pickup

You bring your kids ages 5-12* to the race and we entertain them with safe, fun games and activities while you compete!

Like you, we understand the tug-of-war between parenting responsibilities and the desire to maintain a fit lifestyle. It's fun to make the whole family a part of race day festivities, but it is not always practical or feasible for the children to take part in the race itself. That's where we come in! 

We will be located as close as possible to the race start so that you don't waste any precious pre-race time on drop off. You'll check in your pre-registered child(ren) at our location, and we'll do the rest! While you work to achieve your goal for that day, you can have peace of mind knowing that your children are safe, happy, and having fun. 

Locations will be race specific and communicated to parents prior to registration. 

*We're working on lowering our age minimum - please keep checking back!

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